Merrick & Company has launched a novel, independent forum to advance the issues of biosafety and biosecurity in the laboratory and the field. The Merrick Biosafety and Biosecurity Consulting Advisory Board (BS&S CAB) will benefit our clients and associates with direct access to experts in the fields of biosafety, biosecurity, threat management, public policy, developing technologies, and international issues.

Ryan N. Burnette, Ph.D., Merrick’s Director of Biosafety and Biosecurity Programs, and Chair of the BS&S CAB remarked, “Merrick saw a unique opportunity to serve the industry in a concerted manner that aligns thought leaders in a variety of relevant areas, to support professional organizations, the community, and our clients. As an independent Board, we look forward to supporting current, under-addressed, and emerging issues in the biosafety and biosecurity space.”

The motivation for the BS&S CAB arose from emerging topics that are challenging the central dogma of biosafety and biosecurity, such as synthetic biology, gene editing, cyberbiosecurity, and threat management. Merrick clients and associates will benefit from a resource of diverse expertise, through consultative services, custom training, and publications. Further, the Board has already partnered with other notable institutions to address emerging issues, such as biorepositories, cyberbiosecurity, and developing technologies. The Board plans to leverage these partnerships in a series of biosafety and biosecurity community workshops with academic, industrial, and professional organization partners.

“Emerging issues are pressuring our clients to look at their own biosafety and biosecurity programs in a new light,” Burnette said. “Now, when a client hires Merrick, in addition to top tier life science design, commissioning, and facility operations expertise, they have the BS&S CAB at their disposal.”

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